Meet Leigh Timmons

"Marrying the right art pieces to the right art collector is an experience like no other".

Leigh Timmons, a nationally-acclaimed art gallery owner is well-recognized for her discerning eye, her vast knowledge, and her valuable connections within the art collector and artist communities. She serves art collectors by selectively matching them to high-quality art pieces that are not only sophisticated in taste but will have a high return on investment too.

To Leigh, art is so much more than paintbrushes and blank canvases. It is the driving force that fuels the fire within her, even when the waves of life threaten to extinguish it.

It started when she was a child, drawing with crayons and paper while her mind wandered off to wondrous worlds of imagination. From the get-go, she understood on a deep level the comfort and happiness of living in the inner world of an artist.

As a Foods and Nutrition major attending San Diego State University (with a minor in Psychology), her love for art was reignited as she found joy and solace in her art electives. She would later go back to school to get another degree, this time in Psychology with an emphasis on Women’s Studies at The Union Institute.

Once she completed her education and set out for the real world, she became an art gallery consultant in Seaport Village. It was during this time that Leigh became a great admirer of the many artists whose works hung in the gallery. This prompted her to personally reach out to the artists and the community at large, from coast to coast. She soon realized just how many artists struggled to acquire adequate representation of their work, a problem she sorely desired to correct.

Leigh would go on to open her own art gallery in Rancho Santa Fe, California in 2001. For the next 10 years, this successful gallery (lovingly named Timmons Galleries) showcased the precious artworks of emerging and veteran artists from all over the world.

In 2012, Leigh’s life took a difficult turn. As a result, she closed Timmons Galleries to primarily focus on her own personal matters. Even though life was hard and her gallery was closed, art was just as present in her life as ever. No matter how many times the waves of emotions knocked her down, her love for art got her right back on her feet.

Finally, the clouds broke open and the light shined through the darkness. Leaving fear in the dust, she rose up as a braver and stronger version of herself.

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