Ansley Pye

Ansley Pye

I am a native San Diegan, but spent the first part of my adult life traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East. After attending La Sorbonne, I returned to San Diego. It was there where my life took a distinguishing turn. I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 29.

Upon the realization that my life was never to be the same, I began my journey as a professional artist. I started out as a water colorist and gradually was drawn towards working in oil.

My subject matter has always included an emphasis on color and composition. In my abstract work I am focusing on the visuals that are produced for me in music. Based on “Attenti” a 17th and 18th Century popular movement in music to create a piece of work (musical) that evokes a specific emotion. This was popular especially in Italy with Opera. For me with painting this can be a literal visual of what rhythm looks like to me, a place that piece of music takes me ,or an image that is brought forth by a particular piece of music. I listen to a very eclectic variety of music and incorporate the emotions I feel by the sound of the music I am listening to. I work with both palette knife, wipe off, and dry brush techniques and am continuingly exploring new and unusual utensils to create new affects to create surfaces that are interesting and intriguing to the eye.


2016 – present represented and founding partner

2017 – present. Saatchi, Online representation of selected works

2017 – present El Nido Gallery, San Diego, CA

2015 – 2018 The Blue Azul Collection, San Diego, CA

2014 – 2017 SCAA Fine Arts – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

2010 – 2014 Pulse Gallery, San Diego, California

1990 –present AX Fine Art – La Jolla, CA

2009 – 2011 El Prado Gallery Sedona, AZ

2008 – 2010 Dean Day Gallery Huston, Texas

2004 – 2008 Spirit Gallery Jerome, AZ

2001-2003 Debra Owen Gallery – San Diego, California

2001-2004 Dos Damas Gallery – Palm Springs, California

2000-2008 Timmons/Courtyard Gallery – Rancho Santa Fe, California

2000-present San Diego Museum of Art Guild

2000-2002 Starving Artist Studio Gallery – City Island, New York

1998-1999 Tidwell Gallery – South Padre Island, Texas

1998-1999 Keene Gallery Inc.- San Antonio, Texas

1992-1999 Enigma Studio – Austin, Texas

1993-1998 Brushworks Gallery – San Diego, California

1993-1994 Bravo Gallery – San Diego, CA

1994 – 1996 Ironworks Gallery – Santa Fe, NM

1990-1993 Art Scene, San Diego, California

1991-1993 City Gallery – San Francisco, California


2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 The Blue Azul Collection Solo show

2011 – 2012 – 2013 Pulse Gallery Solo show

2005 – 2006 – 2007 Timmons Gallery Solo show

2003 Debra Owen Gallery Solo show

2004 Debra Owen Gallery Solo show

1996 Austin Watercolor Society – Doughtery Arts Center, Texas

1995 Expressions – Doughtery Arts Center, Texas

1994 Spirit Bridge – Santa Fe, New Mexico

1993 Solo Show – Moscow Art School, Russia

1993 Art Walk – San Diego, California

1992 Competition – San Diego Watercolor Society

1991 Exhibition – San Diego Watercolor Society

1991 Winter Show – San Diego Art Institute


Coastal Neurological Group – La Jolla, California

Achala Maria Mancera – Caracus Venezuela

Reza Sadeghi – La Jolla California

Elizabeth Hahn – La Costa California

Linda Nacif – La Jolla, California

Coop and Patti Cooprider – San Diego, California

Craig Collins – La Jolla, California

David Backus – GMAC Insurance Inc. – Washington D. C.

The Beauty Store – Austin, Texas

Renee Vasquez RMT – Austin, Texas

M. Copeland Acupuncture – Austin, Texas

Mark Barber, LMT – Austin, Texas

The Northern Gate – Sand Diego

Leigh Timmons– Rancho Santa Fe, California

Michael Conforti Assisi institute Ft Lauderdale fl


SDSU San Diego 1979-1980 Major – Linguistics
La Sorbonne, Paris France 1980-1982 Major – Linguistics, Minor in Archeology, emphasis in Theology.

I am a self-taught artist my exploration began in the late 80’s more as a way of healing, but I learned that I had a voice and worked to build the skills to express what I saw. I continued to learn taking workshops with Douglas Walton and, painting with other artists such as Carol Light and Sean Sullivan as well as learning by doing. I started off as a watercolorist and expanded into working with oils in the late 90’s

I now also currently teach students who are looking to explore their abilities and learn art by doing.

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